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Introducing FriendsDiary 2.0 App Update

Introducing FriendsDiary 2.0 App Update


We are Happy to let you know about our new Android app version 2.0.

Change Logs:

We added in-app register feature for new users [Internationally]

When the user opens the app for the first time he will promote this window:


After Clicking Register Button


User will enter username / password / date of birth / Gender and his/her country.

After Register user will go to the home page and all his username and pass will saved to the app and when user open the app s/he need not to enter his/her password again.


Logout Issues:

Previously when user clicks on logout from the sidebar he logged out from the app only. On this new version s/he will log out both from the app and site.


This is the major two features. Also the app will support all latest devices and android version now. We implement all security patches and libraries which should increase the app performance.

The App is designed especially for Friendsdiary to give you the ultimate wap experience than browsing the site with other browsers.

Install Process:

All existing app user will get the update as soon as google roll out the latest update


Uninstall the current one and Go To Play Store and Search:

That's a short overview. Enjoy. The development will continue...


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